William Thomas Brunet


Based out of Los Angeles, California, William has been a professional drummer for 7 years. From a very young age, he has had an intense relationship with music. He grew up in France in a musical environment with his dad who is a country music and bluegrass musician. At the age of 7,  William studied piano and drums, and later picked up the guitar. William was a very curious kid who wanted to discover the world. In his teenage years, he traveled alone to the US to spend time with a host family in Arkansas. This experience reinforced his thirst for cultural exchange. He realized that traveling and working in different countries would be very valuable for his musical career. In 2012, he left France for Berlin where he played and toured with artists and bands in Germany and Eastern Europe. In 2017, he settled in London for 8 months to work with a few producers and joined the band Junior to perform shows in the UK. Later that year, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career playing with artists, and performing for different bands along his way. When he’s not jamming or touring, William is also an entrepreneur working on his sustainable and vegan clothing brand Play Hard Clothing.


heartbreaker - by Junior

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